Marriage Equality

While working on an upcoming photo shoot and answering the many requests for upcoming weddings, I received a blast email talking about how 47% of same sex couples in the US are afraid of facing rejection from wedding professionals even with the Supreme Court ruling in 2015.
That email got me thinking about the wording of my website.  We are all so stuck in “Wedding lingo” that its not something at the forefront of our “to-do”, but I am going to make it a priority now.

Sassy Diva Designs and Events is proud to serve couples regardless of sexual orientation.  Love is love no matter what, and I am proud to stand by all my couples.  So watch for things to change on my site (slowly as I have two young boys to care for as well as a busy business!).

Thanks to all my couples who have trusted me to make their day special.  I look forward to making so many more dreams come true!