Are artificial flowers less expensive?

Hello!  Its been a busy couple of months for this Sassy Diva.  My amazing crew and I had the pleasure of working on five weddings in the past four weeks!  I will be posting pictures of previous weddings in the next few weeks.  Until then, I wanted to share a little something with you about artificial flowers.
There are pros and cons to using artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet or centerpieces, but before I get into that, let me erase a common misconception.  Silk flowers are not necessarily cheaper than real, fresh cut flowers.  In fact, if you want quality blooms, silks can be more expensive then the real deal!  Shocking, I know!

Now for the pros and cons:


-Artificial flowers will last forever.  They will be the same on your 25th anniversary as they were on your wedding day, although they may collect some dust if not properly cared for!

-You can find silks any time, whereas some fresh cut flowers have seasons, like peonies.

-If you or one of your bridal party has allergies to cut flowers, you won’t have to worry about that with silks!

-There is no worry about wilting in the heat, or if the arrangements are out of water for any length of time



-I may be a bit biased, but there is absolutely nothing like a fresh cut flower.  The fragrance, the texture and the overall look is much more flattering with live flowers than with silk.

-Like I mentioned earlier, the cost of a silk flower can sometimes be 3 times more expensive then a live flower. They may last forever, but unless you want a dollar store bouquet, silks won’t help keep the cost of flowers down.


Ok, so you may be saying “There are more pros then there are cons!” but when you factor in the cost of artificial flowers, I think you will find that to be a BIG con.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use silks ever!  If you are dreaming of having gorgeous, lush peonies in your bouquet during an off-season time period, you can find silk blooms any time and have your florist add those into your mix of fresh cut flowers.  Or say, you want hydrangeas in summer, silk hydrangeas will definitely not wilt like fresh hydrangeas are capable of doing (however, if they wilt, your florist didn’t do a proper job of processing them).

I hope you find this helpful while you are searching for your florist!  Don’t be afraid to ask about silks and see what the cost would be compared to a fresh cut, or see if you could add a few here and there for those tricky flowers.

Stay tuned for a bunch of picture updates!!!  Happy wedding planning to all my Diva’s!!!